GTW Welding Supplies

We at GTW are a private independently owned business, that still understands what service really means. We don't just talk, we "Make it Happen". Our goal is to provide you with the best equipment and materials in a timely matter at a competitive price, in order for you to accomplish your task at hand.

Whether it be commercial, or the home hobbyist, we cater to all those who seek our wide variety of resources.

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Our salesmen drive trucks for a reason. "Customer Service" a claim most companies make but many don't understand! With the changing corporate climate we as an independent welding supplier still strive to provide that personal attention to all of our customers!


Welding Supplies

We carry a complete line of machines for every process including wire, tig rod, brazing rod, torches, regulators, hoses, helmets, gloves, tips, grinding wheels, clamps and brushes. In addition we also have consumables such as nozzles, electrodes, liners, tips, and replacement guns.


Industrial & Medical Gases

We stock a complete inventory of all welding, industrial and medical gases. Our inventory consists of semi-bulk Liquid tanks and 12 tank bank units to individual home hobbyist tote kits.




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